Your Patterns Unlocked 

Follow your natural patterns, and live in the flow of your unique design. 

Do you want more harmony, confidence, love, and success? 

If you’re into Self-Discovery and Personal Growth. Or if you are a Spiritual Seeker, Light Worker, Energy Healer, or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur or Coach …


Are you fed up with repeating the same old patterns that aren’t serving you?

Would you like to start living with more ease and flow?


Master your patterns, for good!

Unlock your path to Ease and Flow

Unlock your path to Ease and Flow

Everyone has a Life Theme: Peace, Wisdom, Love, and Service. Knowing your specific Life Theme unlocks all of the others, so that you experience more harmony, confidence, self-acceptance, and wholeness.
Unlock your productivy

Unlock your productivy

Say goodbye to trying to force yourself into productivity models that don't work for you. Understand how you are designed to do your best work, so that you can be more productive and work more efficiently.
Reveal your Core Blindspot

Reveal your Core Blindspot

Why does it feel like you're goingin around in circles? Spinning your wheels? Or experiencing the same thing over and over again? Uncover the core blindspot that's under it all, so that you put an end to those frustrating patterns.
Reveal the root of your self sabotage

Reveal the root of your self sabotage

What is the number one reason you put your needs, desires, and passions on the back burner? Find out the root of your self sabotage so that you can put an end to it for good.

Stop the Internal Struggles :: Align with Your Natural Design

Your hands contain a blueprint for your life

Your hands contain information about your natural patterns and tendencies, who you are at your core, and what you are here to experience during this life. This information can be unlocked using Scientific Hand Analysis.

The lines in your palm correspond to neural pathways in your brain. They reveal personality traits that can change over time, based on your thinking, emotions, and life experience. 

Your fingerprints were formed in utero between the 14-16th week of pregnancy, and they never change. They represent your sacred contract or the big-picture overview of your life. 

Using Scientific Hand Analysis, I can quickly see the patterns that lead to your struggles and the patterns that lead to your triumphs. I instantly know where you tend to self-sabotage or get overwhelmed, and how you find more self-acceptance and peace.

It’s a practical, no-fail assessment tool that lets my clients unlock their patterns and align with their natural design.

Scientific Hand Analysis is the most accurate, biometric personality tool on the planet … and it’s one of the fastest growing self-discovery tools being used today.

If you’re sick and tired of …

  • Feeling stressed, drained, or depleted.

  • Seeming like you’re stuck in a rut.

  • Getting overwhelmed.

  • Worrying about things out of their control.

  • Bullying yourself with negative self-talk.

  • Trying to please others by holding yourself back.

Your Patterns Unlocked: Your Holistic Earth Special
Now is the time to unlock your patterns and align with your design!
It’s easy! I send you the ink. You take the prints. And I do the rest!

What’s Included in Your Patterns Unlocked?

Your Life


Your overarching theme of your entire life is revealed in your fingerprints.

Imagine that your soul came to the University of Earth, and it chose to get a degree in either Peace, Wisdom, Love, or Service. Learning which Life School is your major course of study unlocks all of the others, so that you experience more harmony, confidence, self-acceptance, and wholeness.

Everything in your life, good or bad, traces back to your Life School, making this is the single-best piece of information to help you understand and master your patterns.

Your Work


There is a line in your hand that shows how you are designed to do your work over time.

Is it hard for you to get going on a project? Or maybe you start strong and then start to lose your energy? Are you designed for multi-tasking or single-minded focus? Knowing your work cycle helps set you up to be more productive and efficient, and also lets you know when and where you need a little extra help.

No more stops and starts or unfinished projects. Best of all, no more beating yourself up for how you “should” be doing your work.

What you get:

  • Hand printing kit with instructions, sent to your home
  • Your Patterns UNLOCKED Report based on Scientific Hand Analysis 
  • BONUS: One 30-Minute Private “Your Patterns Unlocked” Session to personally help you implement the information in Your Patterns Unlocked Report (done via the internet, valued at $300). 

How it works …

  1. During the payment process, you’ll be asked to provide your mailing address and schedule an appointment approximately 4-6 weeks from now. (This gives me time to get your handprints and do the analysis.)

  2. I’ll pop your Hand Printing Kit in priority mail right away along with instructions on how to make your handprints. I even have a video to guide you through the process.

  3. Then you’ll send your handprints to me. The quickest way to do this is by taking a high resolution photo with your smartphone and sending me the file. You can also choose to scan the handprints or send them by snail mail.

  4. I’ll take 5-10 days to do your hand analysis and compile your report. I’ll send you your report as soon as I’m finished with it. That’s when the magic happens!

  5. Then we’ll follow up with our one-on-one online session to see how the patterns in your hands are the patterns in your life. In the Your Patterns Unlocked session, I’ll help you see where your patterns are getting in your way and how to better align with your natural design. You’ll leave our sessions with more clarity, knowing what steps you can take to live with more ease and flow!


Your Patterns Unlocked: Your Holistic Earth Special
Are you ready to master the patterns that aren’t serving you, and live a life aligned with your natural design?
Your Patterns Unlocked: Your Holistic Earth Special

Guarantee: Attend the Your Patterns Unlocked private session and then implement the action we’ve discussed. If you aren’t seeing changes in your life, I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days after our session.

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