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I’m half-way through (my Life Purpose report) and oh my goodness! I was honestly not expecting for it to impact me in that big of a way! It has been spot on. The cool part for me is it has confirmed something’s within me I always have suspected, and pointed out those things I already struggle with. So so so cool!

Thank you for the hardwork you put into it. I’m really looking forward to learning how to implement some things. How to get from Point A to Point B.

It’s really cool, I feel as if my eyes have been fully opened, and I dare to believe that I can do this. Exciting, scary, grateful. Thank you so much.

[AND 4-YEARS LATER] I just pulled out my Life Purpose report we did a couple years ago. It is blowing me away what a dead ringer it is!!!  And how things have progressed since then, and it’s zeroing in on those SNAFUs that hold me back from going into the atmosphere like a rocket. It’s really cool. I just wanted to let you know that and THANK YOU!


Working with Jennifer Joy was wonderful. She has a friendly, caring nature, and helped me feel comfortable while I worked through a very emotional time. In the past I would’ve bottled up those feelings, and they’d have caused mental and physical health issues. Now I move through those feelings, and then I’m good. I’m more connected to my emotions – knowing it’s okay to scream and cry. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have feelings, and that realization is life changing.

During our sessions, Jennifer Joy was supportive, non-judgmental, and focused me on who I truly am. She helped me know my value and understand that I have something to contribute to the world. I’ve embraced that I am a visionary who thinks out of the box. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to accept that so quickly if it hadn’t been for her.


My relationship with Jennifer Joy empowers me! She has been my rock and safe place to land throughout this journey, giving me loving guidance and support. It is with deep gratitude and honor that I can call Jennifer Joy my Mentor.


WOW! Your work is so powerful and so to the point, no messing around, no beating around the bush. To hear again, that I’m a healer, to confirm that I can manifest is empowering.




Jennifer Joy’s gentleness is just what the doctor ordered. Looking back on my year, if there was one thing I’d say I needed, it would be gentleness. As I struggled to stay on top of things and take care of myself, JJ offered her sincere compassion as well as her own experience. I did not feel alone and more so, I felt understood.

Our work together helped me have self-acceptance. Acceptance of where I am, wherever that may be. Not geographically, but spiritually and emotionally. I don’t have to fight it and in fact, I can embrace it. I can explore it and by getting curious about it. I can be inspired by it and bring it into my work as a Coach or a Writer.


Thanks Jennifer Joy, can’t believe the journey I’ve been on. Thanks for all your support and seeing the vision for me.


Jennifer Joy guided me on the key ways that I can work to improve my circumstances and move my life forward from where I am now. She helped me to trust my decisions. I was really hesitant to spend this much money for this, and it has really been helpful to me. Thank you, Jennifer Joy! 




Your grounding energy is the perfect thing in a space that can be considered very “woo-woo.”


Jennifer Joy sees the best in me even when I do not. She acknowledges my successes and lets me share ideas and thoughts without feeling judged. I know I can count on her.




I am so excited to begin this year with a new outlook on life! 

Please know how grateful I am to have had your support in the last two years. I hope you know how you have helped me turn my outlook to the future into a positive, exciting, risk-taking adventure!

Thank you so much for your commitment and making my life better.


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[themify_icon icon=”fa-quote-left” ] I love how you love yourself and all those whose lives you touch. Thank you, Jennifer Joy, for being a model of fearlessness. [themify_icon icon=”fa-quote-right” ]

– Rhonda Britten, Founder of Fearless Living Institute and the Life Coach Certification Program – Voted “America’s Favorite Life Coach”

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. It was perfect! It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed when there are so many things we “should” be doing. I’m glad you shared how we don’t have to do everything at once — just keep trying . Thanks for all of the enlightenment you provided!


This is bringing alive something that has been dormant in me.




Your ability to quietly come up with profound truths and insight is a true gift.


Jennifer Joy what would I do without you! Thanks for allowing me to feel my feelings and supporting me in trusting myself more. I appreciate having you as my Mentor. I can tell how much you care and go above and beyond. You are the best!


Jennifer Joy is an outstanding coach on all levels! Her gift of incredible support, caring, and insight enabled me to embrace my creative side. It was a phenomenal experience. I recommend her to anyone wanting to be inspired to be their genuine creative self.




Jennifer Joy has been a tremendous support over the last year. It has always been challenging for me to open up, be vulnerable, and trust someone with my deepest fears, sorrows, and thoughts.

She was patient as I moved through the process and has become someone that I trust and count on for ideas, feedback, coaching, and support. She has been incredibly thoughtful and flexible, sharing her knowledge and expertise with me.


During my sessions  I realized that I was actually lowering my self esteem by not being proactive and making the changes in my life that needed to be made. And there’s nothing worse than low self-esteem. Jennifer Joy helped me see how to take control of my life again and prioritize what I need to do.

Before working with Jennifer Joy, I was afraid to ask anybody for anything. That’s always been a huge problem in my life. Now I have the confidence to ask for what I want — it’s one the biggest changes I made.


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