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You’re one of my Spark Sisters if …

You want to harness your creative flow at the soul level and have a way to tap into that flow at any time. Inspiration hits, but soon you get blocked, distracted, or stuck in the details. You’ve been riding a wave instead of catching the flow.

You need accountability. This isn’t always easy when you have other people and projects depending on you. Somehow you find a way to be accountable to everyone else, and ultimately you want to be accountable to yourself.

You want results, and you’re curious about how to get them by using intuition and fearless action. You’ve been taught that you need to buckle down and be disciplined to get results. Instead, you need to tap into your feminine source and understand how it can fuel you without causing you to burn out.

You know you’d benefit from a system that allows you to do your creative work while still having time and energy for the rest of your life. This isn’t about isolating a big chunk of time in your schedule or going on a retreat. It’s about integrating your creativity into every day life, because that’s where it matters most and makes the biggest impact.

You have a deep desire to live and express yourself fully. No more hiding out! There’s been a part of you that you’ve kept in the shadows. It might feel a bit scary to be more visible, but you’re willing to take the leap, dive deeper, and bring more of yourself into the world. You don’t want to let any more months or years slip by.

You feel the call, and you’re ready to truly live your purpose. You feel the pull, knowing that something more is around the corner. It’s time to do what you came to do and live the life that your soul came to live.

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