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JENNIFER JOY Soul Success Guide | Fearless Living Coach

Soul Success is One Fearless Step Away.

Follow your creative calling, step-by-step, with no more excuses. If you’re ready, I’d love to help you.

A juicy beautiful life …

It’s your time to make it happen

Life gets juicy and beautiful when we get creative, allowing ourselves to just be who we are and express what our soul is longing to express. It’s my mission to SPARK people’s inner motivation and discipline, so that they can make their creative dreams happen. If you’re a woman with a secret (or not so secret) dream of making some really cool stuff,  but you’ve put other things ahead of yourself and your creativity — your family, your work, your endless to-do list — now is your time to feed your creative craving and move into action.

You have some amazing ideas going through your head, and those ideas are meant to get out into the real world. I work with you, my fellow Spark Sister,  to turn those burning desires into something tangible, whether you want to write a book or go back to school. I ignite your enthusiasm and self-determination so that your creative juices start flowing and you can get things done. You become accountable to yourself.


Your Creative Calling

Let’s be honest. Our burning desires are super important. They are what we came here to do — our soul’s calling. Most of us have success getting things done in our jobs or our day-to-day life. Yet when it comes to our soul’s calling we only have to answer to ourselves, and that’s a whole different experience that we were never taught how to do.

But we get busy and distracted with other things and other people. We become stuck in cycles of procrastination and perfectionism. Sometimes we get fed up and go into overdrive and force things to happen, but that leaves us exhausted and burnt out. Either way we end up feeling angry with ourselves for not being or doing enough. (Believe me, I know how it goes!)

Timeless Teachings plus
Fearless Action

If you’re reading this, you know that it’s no accident that you found me. You know that it’s time to really understand how you can answer your calling instead of working against it. I’m not talking about  getting more discipline with some old worn-out version of project management and goal setting. Those methods might work for a while, but at some point the motivation fades and the rigid discipline kills your enthusiasm.

My clients learn how to get out of their own way so they can do what they came to do, living their purpose while using their Creator’s Blueprint. The Creator’s Blueprint — based on everyone’s unique fingerprint patterns — holds timeless teachings that help navigate a person’s biggest blindspots while using their greatest gifts to their advantage. The Creator’s Blueprint let’s my clients understand how they can be more effective and more efficient by working with their own natural patterns. They understand how their personal creativity works.

They pair personal discovery with Fearless Action so that they can make things happen in their lives. No more perfectionism, procrastination, waiting for clarity, putting their dreams on hold, or playing small. My clients move forward, claiming their power, their creativity, and the lives they were meant to live. 

If you’re ready to be the creative woman that you and I both know that you are. If you want to put old patterns of self-sabotage behind you. If you’d love to understand yourself better and stop feeling stuck and unsatisfied. If your heart is beating faster as you read this, because you know that I’m talking to you … I invite you to take the first Fearless step. Sign up for my free training.

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Her gift of incredible support, caring and insight enabled me to embrace my creative side. I recommend her to anyone wanting to be inspired to be their genuine creative self!
— Cynthia Herbert, Author of We are the Monsters. We are the Masters.


I was honestly not expecting it to impact me in such a big way. I feel as if my eyes have been fully opened, and I dare to believe I can do this.
— Lynn Garwood, Artist at


JJ, What would I do without you! Thanks for allowing me to feel my feelings and supporting me in trusting myself more. You are the best!
— Brittany Borreggine, Founder of Dieting Mindset Detox

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