Jennifer Joy

Creativity and Life Purpose Specialist
Master Fearless Living Coach

Jennifer Joy’s Professional Bio

When brilliant, creative women feel stuck, stagnant … or like they’re living a life that doesn’t seem to fit who they are inside, they come to Jennifer Joy to reconnect to their passions! She helps them come alive, create, live their purpose, and achieve new levels of prosperity. 

Jennifer Joy spent decades of her life disconnected from her passion, playing small, and experiencing cycles of depression until she had a quantum awakening. In an instant she realized that she’d been living by everyone else’s rules and that the patterns of codependency she’d learned as a child had left her empty and unsatisfied.

Suddenly she was ignited with the knowledge that we are all on this earth to just be ourselves and express ourselves — authentically! And the more we align with our natural design and purpose, the more we experience abundance. (click here to read her story)

Jennifer Joy is a certified Master Coach, Mentor Coach, and Trainer with the Fearless Living Institute and a Scientific Hand Analyst who studied life purpose palm reading under Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers. She is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association and also holds a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication. 

She is a vlogger, writer, dancer, choreographer, director, podcaster, teacher, and has mentored creatives for nearly 20 years. You can find Jennifer Joy living in Southeastern Wisconsin, in a modern home in the woods with her husband, daughter, and dog (just a hop, skip, and jump from Milwaukee). Online you can find her at

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