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I’m Jennifer Joy —Creativity and Life Purpose Specialist — here to guide you in being more visible, owning your self-worth, and igniting your marketing message.

Overcome your fears

Release your fear of rejection, failure, or success so that you can be more visible, reach more prospects, and make a larger impact.

Stop playing small

Get rid of your blocks around self-worth and not being good enough. Embrace your Life Purpose and step into a new level of confidence.

Make more money

If you aren’t getting the results you want, you don’t know who you are! Learn how your Life Purpose is the money-making foundation for your marketing.

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Live Fearlessly

Live Fearlessly

Fear keeps us stuck and stagnant, living a life that’s safe but not satisfying — fear that you’re not good enough, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being rejected, fear of disappointing others, or fear of not living up to your potential.

Jennifer Joy is a Master Coach, Mentor and Trainer for the Fearless Living Institute™ and she uses the Fearless Living tools so that people aren’t sidetracked by fear. The result? They can take back their lives, stepping into a world of possibilities and transformation.

Master Life-Long Patterns

Master Life-Long Patterns

Certain neural pathways and mental patterns develop before you were born, as part of your personality and unique divine design. Many coaches and mentors try to change these patterns, which is like pushing a rock up a hill.

Jennifer Joy uses Scientific Hand Analysis to help you embrace your design and master your patterns so that that you can love your who you are — finding more harmony, confidence, authenticity, and success in all that you do. 

Ignite Your Creativity

Ignite Your Creativity

You were born to create — whether it’s writing a book, starting an Etsy shop, painting, writing a blog, or creating your signature business.  

Jennifer Joy combines master coaching, hand analysis, and her personal experience as a dancer/director/creative mentor to help others express their Creative Legacy so that they can complete their passion projects and release them into the world.

Awaken to Your Life Purpose

Awaken to Your Life Purpose

Fingerprints develop between 14-16 weeks after conception and they never change. They are uniquely yours and can be used as a biometric indicator of your Life Purpose.

Jennifer Joy analyzes your fingerprints to reveal the purpose behind your passion  — giving a new understanding of your life’s work and your soul’s mission. No more guessing, just full permission to be you!

Walking the path with you …

The best description of what I do? One of my colleagues calls me a Creative Spiritual Teacher in the Trenches, and I kinda like that! It means that I help creative people to come alive and remember who they are — at the core of their being — and then support them in living their soul’s purpose.

But I’m not some perfect, enlightened guru. I’m right there doing the work with you.

Home Page 2018
Home Page 2018

I know what it’s like to be spread thin and stressed out. My time gets divided between my family, my business, and my volunteer work at the local youth theater. If I’m not careful, I get overwhelmed with responsibilities, lose sight of the big picture, and forget to put myself into the equation. Then I get burned out physically, emotionally depressed, and have a crisis of meaning where I wonder,”Why bother?”.

That’s when I have to center myself in who I am and what my purpose is. I lean into that nagging desire to create something cool, and I let it spark me into action.

If you’ve found me, you’ve probably had that desire, too. But maybe you’ve lost some of your spark. I’m here to help you tune into that desire, because I’ve learned that it’s not some random, fleeting thought. It’s your soul calling to you. It wants nothing more than for you to make some space for yourself and  express yourself fully in the world. It yearns for you to share your gifts and talents.

NOW, not later. Your soul is calling you now, because now is the time. You don’t need to go to a retreat, or get more certifications, or to do things more perfectly. You only need to start, right where you are, right now. Let the desire fuel you to take one little step today.

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And I often need that reminder just as much as my clients.  I’ve been creative all of my life and have mentored creatives for more than 20 years. I know that we can have a million ideas floating through our heads. That we can get pulled in too many directions and lose focus. That it can be hard to be accountable to ourselves. I also know that we can be incredibly hard on ourselves and expect more, more, MORE! 

And then just when we think we’ve got a handle on things, life happens and circumstances change. I’ve learned that living our purpose is a practice, not a destination. And sometimes we just need someone to lean on and help us remember why we’re even bothering with it all. We need someone who is on our side and who has walked our path. 

Why Jennifer Joy?

Clarity Rooted in Natural Insight and Instinct

Jennifer Joy has a instinct for seeing a breakdown long before it happens, while also seeing the clear solution.  It’s such second-nature for her that it was decades (of frustration) before she realized that not everybody has that clarity!

Her gift of vision and insight helps clients stay on track, avoid pitfalls, and set themselves up for real, satisfying success.

Practical Solutions with a Creative Flair

Jennifer Joy has been creating systems and structures since she was 10 years old and helping her mother run their single-parent household. Yet being a creative herself, she knows that being too rigid or regimented can kill the creative spirit.

Her clients get the benefit of down-to-earth mentoring and practical solutions, all customized with creative flair.

Enthusiasm, Accountability , Gentle Motivation

Jennifer Joy loves to cheer on her clients and celebrate their wins! While she does provide accountability and motivation, she believes in maintaining a mentoring space that is warm, inviting, and free of judgment. 

Her clients experience an environment of acceptance and love that opens them to greater acceptance and love of themselves.

Professional and Life Experience

Jennifer Joy has been professionally mentoring and bringing out the best in creatives for more than 20 years. Personally, she’s been disconnected, stuck, stagnant, burnt out, and depressed. Instead of giving up, she took back her life and took back her creativity.

Clients get the benefit of Jennifer Joy’s real-world experience, her professional experience, and her education and training.

Alive with Passion and Purpose

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